Heritage, culture, innovation

The history of the Cammelli agricultural group is one of a hard working family and their commitment and passion for the land, agriculture and innovation.
It all began in the 1950’s, just after moving from the Mugello region to Ponte a Greve, just outside of Florence, Francesco Cammelli and his son Pietro began cultivating their first plots of land. Then, they transferred to the Piana di Settimo, where they have been constantly evolving, and today are capable of continuing a family run company while investing in new research.
With the main focus on the market and modernism, they have recently chosen to use hydroponic farming, where the floating system technique allows production of vegetables such as basil and mixed greens.

In the last few years, the company has worked with large scale retailers in both regional and national settings. The Cammelli group has expanded, covering a cultivation area of about 60 hectares, and structuring itself to ensure the availability of their products all year long, as well as versatility in packaging sizes.

Today, the Carmelli group stands out for their attention to quality and freshness regarding the vegetables, which, thanks to a controlled product cycle and to modern packaging technologies, it is possible to go from farm to table in just a few hours.