• Floating System
  • Floating System

Working through innovation

One of the hallmarks of our company is to question the beliefs and the systems that are used in researching new techniques for product improvement.  A way of working that puts the focus on the continuous improvement and innovation of the product cycle.

Over the years we have tested and refined the newest cultivation techniques by collaborating  with several other companies, as well as with the universities of  Florence.

Techniques ranging from;  flame weeding to the sterilization of soils through the use of steam and fertilizers; from greenhouse cogeneration (CHP) to the compost used to cultivate the vegetables, as well as biomass which is being used for heating greenhouses and making it possible to better control the internal microclimate.  The recent introduction of hydroponic cultivation through the “floating system” method has become the standard for the way of cultivating basil, salad and chives.

Computerized product control

We are using and continuing to develop a computerized control system for production.  A platform that conveys the history of a plot of land or greenhouse, as well as the information related to treatments, fertilization , yields, harvest periods and processing of a single product, as well as a whole lot.

Attention to the variety and flexibility in packaging solutions

In recent years the company has completely renovated the internal packaging lines with a significant increase in production potential. Today we are capable of packaging 50,000 vegetables a day in various formats: by using flow pack machines or in heat shrink sealed packages, which are then ready to be delivered and displayed.